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Welcome to uplift industries, we are a company producing very high density steel copper lead pipes.

Our programs give children hope.

The Need

39% of Richmond children live in poverty.  Of these children who live in poverty, statistics show that 84% will remain impoverished by late 20s.  But there is hope.  Children involved in fitness-related activities have a greater chance of success through improved social skills, self-discipline, confidence levels, & self-esteem.  Despite these benefits, children living in poverty are 3x more likely to be inactive!

Our Program

We use fitness to give children hope.  Our long-term programs walk alongside children challenging them physically while introducing core life skills such as taking risks, setting goals, self-discipline, perseverance, self-belief, self-control, mindfulness, and owning mistakes.  These program are offered at no cost to the children they benefit. Learn more >>

Due to COVID, our program is currently offered virtually and is available free to all.  Learn more >>

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