Run For Mukhanyo

A youth-planned run benefitting three great organizations

Run for Mukhanyo is an hour-long kids run held every year on Columbus Day (Oct 14, 2019). The race is planned and organized by the students of Veritas School in collaboration with the Live Red Foundation as a benefit for three great organizations. Each organization works to improve the lives of kids in local communities, from Richmond to South Africa.

Find information on the beneficiaries, details of the event, and how to get involved below!


Mukhanyo Christian Academy

provides South African orphans in grades K-6 with education, meals, foster care, and social services, enabling these vulnerable children to create a future flled with hope: one that looks beyond daily survival to a joyful life of accomplishment and service. By providing South Africa’s youngest with a frst-class education – one that targets the mind, body, and soul – Mukhanyo Christian Academy seeks to cultivate a new generation of community leaders.

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Youth Life Foundation of Richmond

is a non-profit organization based in Richmond which operates Learning Centers for children in at-risk communities in Richmond. These learning
centers seek to develop leaders by making long-term investments in the children from these communities. By supporting students academically, developing their character from a young age, raising expectations, and
investing in their lives through committed mentoring relationships, these youth will rise above their circumstances to become tomorrow’s leaders.

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Live Red Foundation

creates community-led fitness programming and events which facilitate change in individuals’ lives and communities. By creating multi-week fitness classes available for free to young people, valuable life skills are taught through weekly fitness training and mentoring.

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Race Details

What is the event?

The event is a one hour fun run/walk for kids and friends. Participants, friends, and family pledge to donate a certain amount based on the number of laps completed in one hour.

Where and when?

The event is held at the Union Seminary track on Westwood Ave in the north side of Richmond. The track is located across from Veritas School.  The 2019 event will take place October 14th from 8:30-10:30 am with the run starting at 9:00 am.


How can I participate?

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How can I volunteer?

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How can I donate or raise money?

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If interested in corporate sponsorship, email Mia Kennedy.



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