Our Story

Our story begins with another organization.  In 2005, Michael Harlow founded Endorphin Fitness with the goal of impacting the lives of young people through fitness.  Specializing in youth triathlon and run coaching, Endorphin Fitness grew rapidly and Michael became a leading national youth coach (2012 US Youth Triathlon Coach of the Year).  With the goal of impacting young peoples’ lives foremost, Endorphin Fitness empowered their athletes with the phrase “Be More – Live Red.”  This phrase means to give 100% to your training but then allow the lessons learned to make you better in the other areas of your lives (as a student, sibling, and friend).  In 2017, Michael was struck with the impact Endorphin Fitness was having in the lives of young people but was unsettled that only well-off families were able to participate.  He set out to change this, and Live Red Foundation was born!

Live Red Foundation empowers children in low-opportunity communities throughout Richmond, VA by teaching them life skills through free fitness programs.  In 2021, we provided over 100 programs which reached over 5,500 children!  We fund our programs through corporate sponsorships, individual donations, and through the proceeds from a series of youth run and multisport events.  These events further our mission of empowering children and are critical to our fundraising efforts.

Our Team

Board of Directors